ah teaches directed studies

For SIAT undergraduate students interested in pursuing a directed study, look no further. On this page is an overview of what is a directed study, the application process, and my availability.

What is a directed study?

A directed study is either a one or two-term project in which you (a student) are 'directed' by faculty to complete the project. You are expected to be quite self-motivated and a fair bit of initiative must be taken on by you. As a result, coming with some ideas of what to pursue is required.

There are some things that don't work as directed studies, so please avoid the following:

  • projects very similar to an existing course
  • a study without a research component
  • purely technical knowledge development (i.e. getting better at Photoshop)
  • very low-level theory

The application process

3 months before the term starts, email Andrew to confirm interest and availability. Please provide a copy of your unofficial transcript for review.

2 months before, an initial draft of the directed studies form is due. Reviewing and revising a proposal commences.

1 month before, the directed studies form revisions should be completed. Both student and faculty sign the form, and the faculty member submits it to the department.


For Fall 2020, I will be unavailable for directed studies.

For Spring 2021, I will be unavailable for directed studies.